Linux下FTP软件FileZilla 3.0.5 RC1 已经发布

FileZilla 是一款免费的跨平台开源的 FTP 客户端软件,虽然它是免费软件,可功能却一点也不含糊,比起那些共享软件来有过之而无不及,在新的版本中作者改进了手动下载的界面和功能等,不过该软件暂时还是不支持断点续传功能。总的来说是一款优秀的免费软件。Linux下FTP软件FileZilla 3.0.5 RC1近日已经发布可以下载了,该版本主要添加了目录列表比较、打开/编辑本地文件、使用默认的系统语言选项等新特性。同时,FileZilla 3.0.5 RC1 也包含针对发送及接收指示器的新美工设计。

FileZilla 3.0.5 RC1 更改日志

New features:
+ Directory listing comparison
+ Ability to open and edit local files
+ Add option to use default system language. Note: Language selection will be reset to default if updating to this version.
+ New artwork for send and recv indicators

Fixed bugs:
- Fix crash with keepalive timer
- nix: Use proper locale initialization, happened too late in FZ’s startup sequence in previous versions.
- Fix issue with proxies in combination with nonstandard ports
- Fix timezone offset detection if user has specified a custom offset
- MSW: Cancel remote renaming of files if listing changes
- Fix prefix search in file listings not working with all keys
- Internal engine state could get confused on failed transfers
- Fix visual refresh problem in queue
- Fix several glitches with right-to-left languages
- Write errors during downloads are now critical, as they usually require user interaction (e.g. disk full)
- Calculate proper filesize on VMS servers
- Remote directory tree did not display all known directories
- Don’t display error messages if some local directories are not accessible during auto-completion in local view header or if if they are parent of an accessible directory in the local tree view.

你可以从这里下载适用于 Linux 系统的 FileZilla 3.0.5 RC1。

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