话不多说,先来find --help一下

[hive@lgh test]$ find --help Usage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression] #使用的语法 default path is the current directory; default expression is -print #默认是当前目录,默认采用的action是-print,如果有设置action,则默认会被覆盖 expression may consist of: operators, options, tests, and actions: operators (decreasing precedence; -and is implicit where no others are given): #一些重要操作,就像编程里面所用到的,与,非,或这些关系, ( EXPR ) ! EXPR -not EXPR EXPR1 -a EXPR2 EXPR1 -and EXPR2 EXPR1 -o EXPR2 EXPR1 -or EXPR2 EXPR1 , EXPR2 positional options (always true): -daystart -follow -regextype #总是返回true normal options (always true, specified before other expressions): #总是返回true -depth --help -maxdepth LEVELS -mindepth LEVELS -mount -noleaf --version -xdev -ignore_readdir_race -noignore_readdir_race tests (N can be +N or -N or N): -amin N -anewer FILE -atime N -cmin N #重点 -cnewer FILE -ctime N -empty -false -fstype TYPE -gid N -group NAME -ilname PATTERN -iname PATTERN -inum N -iwholename PATTERN -iregex PATTERN -links N -lname PATTERN -mmin N -mtime N -name PATTERN -newer FILE -nouser -nogroup -path PATTERN -perm [+-]MODE -regex PATTERN -readable -writable -executable -wholename PATTERN -size N[bcwkMG] -true -type [bcdpflsD] -uid N -used N -user NAME -xtype [bcdpfls] -context CONTEXT actions: -delete -print0 -printf FORMAT -fprintf FILE FORMAT -print #重点 -fprint0 FILE -fprint FILE -ls -fls FILE -prune -quit -exec COMMAND ; -exec COMMAND {} + -ok COMMAND ; -execdir COMMAND ; -execdir COMMAND {} + -okdir COMMAND ; Report (and track progress on fixing) bugs via the findutils bug-reporting page at or, if you have no web access, by sending email to <>.